Who are we?

I’m Liz, a 32-year-old ex-insurance professional.  Born in Texas and raised in Illinois, I never left the US until 2013, and that was to go to all the way… to Canada. I never intended to be a SAHM, but I am trying my hand at it here in Basel (although I am actively looking for a job).

My husband is Andy. He works in finance for a large international employer. He’s never lived outside of Illinois, but his job has afforded him ample travel opportunities. This is the biggest change yet!

Our daughter is Genevieve. She’s four and turning into an independent, funny, strong-willed, and sweet girl. She is thriving here in Basel, attending a bilingual preschool, art class, ballet, and music class. She will start attending a local German-language kindergarten in the fall.

Our dog Ziggy has joined us in Switzerland, and she is enjoying it. Despite our apartment being much smaller than our house in the States, Switzerland is a very dog-friendly country. She loves taking daily walks along the Birs.

Our beloved cat Tybalt couldn’t join us. He has a heart condition that made the flight inadvisable. We were lucky enough to find him a new home in Nashville, TN, and we’re hopeful that he will live a long and happy life in the Music City.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adjustment to Swiss life!

11 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. It’s nice to find your blog! I was living just across the French border from Basel in Saint-Louis last year, so I’m excited to find a Basel blog. I also love reading about Americans living in Europe since I wanted to stay but couldn’t due to visa issues (that is, no one wanting to sponsor a visa). Was your husband actively looking to transfer to Switzerland, or was it just out of the blue?

    • His employer is based in Germany, but he had been working for them in the States for years. We had been open to the idea of moving abroad for a while, but the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself. A job opened up here earlier this year and he officially started the position in October, although we didn’t move until January.

  2. Coming around on the Road Trip to say hi to fellow AtoZ Survivors. I’m a bit burned out on blogging myself and am going to take June off, but I’ll be back and will stop in from time to time. Great to find your blog.

    • I’ve never even been to Nashville!

      It was not easy finding a home for Tybalt since he is old and needs daily medicine for a heart condition. One animal shelter told me I should just put him down. We were very lucky that a friend’s sister was interested in him, and that another friend was driving through TN at a time that worked well for Tybalt’s move. It all came together quite fortuitously.

  3. Your story sounds a lot like ours although we live in a small village, Boniswil, not too far from Basel and we also come from the Midwest – Kansas. We have been here one year as of this March and also brought our little chihuahua with us. Glad to have seen your blog looking for stories about the upcoming Fasnacht! Will stay tuned!

  4. My husband and I were in a somewhat similar situation to you several years ago. We lived for nearly 2 years in Winterthur with our young son, and one of our two dogs. At the time, my husband’s engineering firm had offices in Houston, but the headquarters were in Winterthur. In case you are interested, my blog documenting our experience is: https://kookykrys.wordpress.com/

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