Ponyreiten at Tierpark Lange Erlen

First off, of course there’s a single word in German for “pony riding!”

Basel has two zoos, Zoo Basel where we’re members and we go all the time (and have thus stopped posting about going) and Tierpark Lange Erlen. I had found the website for Tierpark a long time ago and even have it bookmarked in Chrome under “Basel,” but we hadn’t ever been. I wasn’t sure exactly where it was and since we’re members at Zoo Basel, it just seemed easier to keep going there.

Well, Tierpark has something that Zoo Basel doesn’t: Pony rides. Yes, for an hour and 15 minutes every Sunday, you can pay CHF 2.50 for your child to ride around the pony trail one time. It’s so expensive for what it is and such a small window of time, but I knew G would love it. We also had some surprisingly nice weather for late-February, so we headed over one Sunday afternoon, just before G’s birthday.

Admission to Tierpark is free, which is definitely nice and makes the pony ride cost much easier to swallow. We got there a little early, so we looked at a few animals. G was very anxious about the ponies, though, so we didn’t stray too far from their trail.


While we were waiting, we admired this cute little baby. G kept saying, “He’s so little and cute!” completely oblivious to the fact that the baby weighed more than she did!

G did two pony rides and ended up on the same pony both times.


At the start of ride #1.

For ride #2, Andy stood in line with her so that I could get to a better position for taking pictures.


While I was waiting for G to come around to my side of the trail, I admired these two.


There’s my cow girl!


Happy trails!

The adult woman who was helping the kids get on and off of their ponies was only speaking German. When G got on her pony the second time, the lady said something to her that Andy didn’t catch. But then! G answered her, “Ja genau.”

“Yes, exactly.”

It’s a small thing, but! It was G speaking German out in public without our encouragement. Her teachers at preschool have told us that she’s picked up on a lot, but we don’t know enough German to really challenge her. This was very exciting.

(Of course, Andy told me about it and when I told G that I was proud of her, she told me she hadn’t spoken German to the lady. So.)

There were a couple of other fun things at the park, outside of the zoo.


I believe that this cost more than the pony ride did.


She may have actually enjoyed the carousel more than the pony ride.


It is much easier to hug a wooden horse than a real pony.

There’s also a large playground with slides, climbing structures, and a see-saw.


With Dada.


And solo.

Because it was warm enough to be outside in only jackets instead of coats, lots of people were eating ice cream cones. G kept asking for one, but we didn’t want drumsticks from the zoo.

If I’m going to eat ice cream outside in February, it’s gonna be the good stuff.


I think it’s safe to say that G approved.

8 thoughts on “Ponyreiten at Tierpark Lange Erlen

  1. What a wonderful and fun day! I’ve never heard of that park, but it looks like a great place to go to!
    Love the gorgeous pics you took!
    Yay for speaking German, way to go, Miss G 🙂

  2. what a fun thing to do! I didn’t know that there was a carousel at Lange Erlen. I only went one time on a grey day, but need to go back in better weather.

  3. The cuteness! I can’t wait till my little one gets over her fear of…well…most real life animals (i.e. ones that aren’t in her books) and gets her first ponyreiten! And any excuse for a nice cream is fine in my book; looks like a great day out.

  4. That looked like a lot of fun. Speaking German, yeah! I took many languages in college and can barely speak good English. Best to learn as a youngin’.

    • Definitely. I took 7 years of Spanish (from 5th grade through junior year of HS) and I can barely speak it. G is already picking up German so much more quickly than Andy or I are.

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