Christmas in Basel

We celebrated the actual holiday of Christmas in Peoria, but we were still able to enjoy Basel’s Christmas market for a while before we left. Basel’s Christmas market is one of the largest in Switzerland, stretching between Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz in Old Town. It appears that it opens on Thanksgiving (at least it did in 2015 and will do so again in 2016), so we were able to go several times between our first visit with Jane and Eric and when we left for Peoria.


Christmas market Barfi at dusk. I love those cherubs holding a sausage and a bottle of wine.


I love the decorations in the trees at Muensterplatz.


And they’re even prettier after dark.


You don’t have to settle for just Gluehwein at the Christmas market; you can get Gluehbier, too!

The main focus of the Christmas market is, well, the market, although there’s lots of good food and drinks available. There are also a few things for the kiddos.


This area is full of activities and crafts for kids. G was too young for most of them in 2015, but I think she’ll be able to do a lot of them in 2016!


She was not too young for the Eisenbahn! She rode this train several times.

Her favorite part of the Christmas market was at Barfüsserplatz:


She called herself a little pumpkin seed whenever she rode this ride and it was pretty adorable.

Herbstmesse and the Christmas market being (relatively) close together in time and taking place in some of the same locations was really confusing for G. She kept calling the Christmas market a fair and asking to go on the other rides. The only problem was that there were no other rides. She survived anyway, haha.

G’s other favorite part of the market was probably two singing moose heads.


I mean, obviously.

They sang in English but spoke in German. G found them highly entertaining and often caused a traffic jam wanting to watch them talk and dance to their singing.


The Christmas tree at Muensterplatz.

There are big Christmas trees set up all around the city. The way they handle them is really cool. There are big holes in the ground that are normally covered by manhole covers. In early- to mid-November, the manhole covers are removed and the trees are put in place. Then large wooden wedges are jammed in to hold the trees up straight. Excellent design!


Carolers at the Muensterplatz. They sang in English as well.

Christmas markets are a big deal in Europe, so I’m hoping that in 2016 we’ll be able to get outside of Basel a bit and see some of the other markets as well.

One thought on “Christmas in Basel

  1. This looks like it was awesome! I’ve been to the Christmas Market in Chicago and my town has one now too, but obviously nothing compared to this. I hope you get to travel to other Christmas Markets while you are there!

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