Home Improvements

When we first rented our apartment, they told us that the building owner might be looking to replace the current water heaters (located inside the shower) with a new water heater in the cellar.

Then a couple months later, we got a letter saying they were going to do it and the work would take place in September.

Last month we got a letter saying, yep, it’s that time! The work has taken place… this whole month, pretty much.

The first week of September they did a bunch of work down in the cellar.

Then they took a week off.

Last week they worked on the apartments on the other side of the building, taking the water heaters out of the bathrooms and hooking them up to the new water heater.

This week it’s our turn.

I am excited to have some extra space in the bathroom. I swear, the first few months we lived here, that thing wasn’t ever in my way. But since they’ve started the work in the building, it’s like my mind thinks it’s already gone and I’ve bumped and banged body parts on there more times than I can count.

(I might also just be a giant klutz and the timing is coincidental.)

In any case, the work has officially started in our apartment. The water is draining out of the water heater right now and Ziggy is whining in her kennel.

Today will consist of people coming in and out of the apartment a lot (based on my observations last week), so we brought Ziggy’s kennel up for the first time since she landed here in May. The workers left the apartment doors open last week, so we don’t want Ziggy running off…

I also don’t want her getting in their way.

She hates being confined to her kennel, though, especially with STRANGE! PEOPLE! in the apartment, so I’m being treated to a nice symphony of all her whines.

It’s awesome. She has quite the vocal range.

In any case, I will probably spend most of this morning with my headphones on, until it’s time to go pick up G from preschool. (She started preschool week-before-last; I will probably write a post about it at some point.)

Oh! The other awesome part of this process is that as of right now, we have no hot water. We do still have running water, so that’s something. We won’t have hot water again until late tomorrow afternoon. There will be a brief period of time tomorrow (while G and I are at her ballet class, thankfully) when there will be no water on our side of the building, but after that, we will have hot and cold water both again. Whoo!

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