I’m (Probably) Not Going to Dismaland

The people have spoken…

Despite the fact that most people agreed that yes, I should go to Dismaland, my prospects aren’t looking good. (Dare I say it? They’re looking dismal.)

Tickets for the 8th through the 15th went on sale this morning at 11. G and I were out because they’re replacing all the water heaters in our building and the work was too loud to be inside. I got on the site on my phone and was confronted with this:

Fair enough. This is to be expected for a while after sales open for a hot event like this.

Then I actually got to choose how many tickets I wanted from a drop-down menu and figured I was home free! Entered my payment information and…

Wait, what? How is this fair?

I’ve gone to a decent amount of concerts with hard-to-get tickets. I even managed to snag tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel (and I still hate my immune system for failing me and keeping me away from that show); this has never happened to me before. With Ticketmaster, they give you a nice little count-down in the corner of the screen telling you how long you have to get your act together before they give your tickets away to someone else. On this site, it literally appeared to be that if I didn’t pay immediately, I would lose the ticket.

Because that screen up there? I didn’t get it once or twice.  I got it 5 or 6 times, maybe 7. I tried with my PayPal and with a credit card. I literally couldn’t do anything any faster than I was, so I don’t know how on earth this system is “fair.”

I mean, it obviously worked for some people.

Tickets are sold out through the 15th.

The park is open through the 27th of September, so in theory I could still get tickets.  I’m just so frustrated with this buying experience.

I have to say that getting tickets for Disneyland was a whole lot easier.

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