Baaaaaaaby Animals!

Trying to catch the baby snow leopards on camera proved mighty difficult.

Trying to catch the baby snow leopards on camera proved mighty difficult.

I remember when the zoo back home was expecting baby tigers, it was a big thing. Like, really big.  It was in the news, they made a big deal about it at the zoo, and so on.

I understand. Baby animals are adorable and baby tigers are certainly no exception to that rule.

I figured that’s pretty standard practice as baby animals are probably a big draw for zoo attendance.  Which is why it caught me completely by surprise when G and I went to the zoo in late July and immediately found tiny, adorable baby snow leopards in the snow leopard enclosure.

There were people with professional camera equipment in the way (jerks), so I couldn’t get any good pictures. Actually, the easiest way for G and me to see the babies was by looking at the display on the dude’s video camera.

They’re really cute.

We went to the zoo with friends earlier this month and I mentioned that there are baby snow leopards in the back part of the zoo, so we started back that way to see them.  On the way back there, we went into most of the other exhibits.  We saw tons of babies!  Baby lions, a baby giraffe, a couple of baby bison, a baby reindeer… And that’s in addition to the “regular” animal babies like goats and a calf.  (I saw a couple of baby wild pigs another time, but they’re not cute and they’re actually pretty loud and annoying.)

The zoo has also had baby penguins (although we didn’t get to see them when they were tiny and adorable; instead they were more like Mumble in Happy Feet in that they were as tall as the adult penguins but were shedding their fluffy brown feathers.  They just looked bedraggled.)  And baby flamingos, although again, not super cute.  (Baby birds definitely have that cute/ugly thing going on.)

Oh! And young, although not baby when I’ve seen them, primates: orangutans and gorillas.

Anyway, my point in all this is that this has pointed out another huge difference between home and here.  There is no advertising for these baby animals.  If I hadn’t happened to see them, I would have no idea they were there.  Granted, I can’t read all of the newspaper or anything, but we do regularly pick up the free dailies and look through them and there haven’t been any baby animal pictures in them; I would have noticed that for sure.  No signage in the zoo.  Nada.

Anyway, I guess this benefits us.  We know those baby animals are there and we can go see them whenever we want.  If the general public stays in the dark, then we won’t have to fight the crowds to see them.

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