I’m Going to Disneyland

Neither Andy nor I had ever been to a Disney park (land or world) back in the States, so we were pretty excited by the prospect of taking G to Disneyland in Paris.  We put off telling her why we were going to Paris for a long time.  I wasn’t sure that she would know that Disneyland actually was, but she knows what Disney is and I didn’t want to have to deal with her asking every day if today was Disney day (or something along those lines).

But that MO resulted in this:

“Blah, Paris”?!  Nope, I don’t think so.

So the weekend before our trip, we told her that we were going to be staying in a castle and going to Disneyland.  Her reaction changed to, “Yummy Paris,” which is weird, but whatever!

We flew over on a Wednesday afternoon and spent that day just at the hotel unpacking, having dinner, and playing in the pool.

Thursday morning, we got up, had breakfast, and waited for our shuttle bus.

The first of many pictures I took of her pulling this face.

The shuttle only took about ten minutes and then we were at Disney Village, which you can get into without tickets or going through security.  We bypassed the shops there and headed for the gates.


After going through security, you decide which park you want to visit first (Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park) and head to the appropriate gates.  We chose Disneyland.  (We had pre-purchased parkhopper tickets, though, so we had unlimited access to both parks for two days.)

This was still before ever showing your ticket to anyone! At this point we were like, “Why did we pay money for this?”

To this sign’s credit, I only saw one person using a selfie stick inside the park during the two days we were there.

Once we made it through the ticket area, we entered Main Street USA.

Looks just like home!

That’s a lot of Euros worth of balloons floating away.

I figured G would want to head right to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, but she said she wanted to see Aladdin first.

Sorry, castle. Maybe later.

The Aladdin feature was basically a series of dioramas with motion and some background music. But it was air conditioned, so I was just fine with it.

Then we left Adventureland and headed to the castle to see the “dragon in the basement.”

The Lair of the Dragon

No fire, but plenty of “smoke.”

All of that business out of the way, it was time to ride some rides.  First we all three went on the Pinocchio ride together.  Then G said she wanted to ride the Dumbo ride and she wanted me to go with her.

She was mostly patient in line.  She definitely did a good job for a three-year-old.

Done and done.

After that, we put in for a Fastpass for the Peter Pan ride and grabbed some lunch.  Then we went over to Walt Disney Studios Park to ride the Ratatouille ride.

(She has since declared the Ratatouille ride her favorite.  I think we ended up riding it three times in two days.)

After Ratatouille, we grabbed some ice cream and listened to Buzz L’éclair for a while.

G wanted her picture with him, but not too close!

We headed back over to Disneyland Park to see what we could do before our Peter Pan Fastpass slot.

Andy and G went on Pinocchio again. (I have no idea what kind of pose she thinks she’s doing.)

I walked around and just checked out the shops and the scenery.  After I met back up with Andy and G, we had time for one more quick ride thanks to a very short wait time at the teacups.

I feel like this is a must at Disneyland, right?

Then we went on the Peter Pan ride (which G declared to be scary).

We had to hightail it over to Frontierland for the Frozen Sing-Along.  The rush was worth it, though.

G’s face when Elsa came on stage was priceless.

She may have lost her mind a little bit.

I wish this had been real snow.

G was very upset at us for not letting her go on stage. She said she wanted to go back again the next day and that she would go on stage when Else and Anna invited her up. We weren’t able to make it back for the sing-along on Friday, unfortunately, so I don’t know if her prediction/wishful thinking would have proved correct.

Most likely a preview of every picture I try to take with her in just a few years. “Ugh, Mom.”

We found Merida’s target while wandering around Frontierland, but no Merida.

Still pretty cool.

We had dinner in Frontierland and were going to try going on Big Thunder Mountain (G claimed she wanted to ride a roller coaster), but we had a bathroom incident requiring a wardrobe change, so we called it quits for the day.

Waiting for the shuttle bus.

Day one may not have ended on the highest note, but it was a great day overall.  We headed back to the hotel, took baths or showers, and hit the hay to rest up for round two on Friday.

9 thoughts on “I’m Going to Disneyland

  1. It ‘s great that each park is pretty much set up the same and even the rides are very similar. Glad the three of you had a great time. It lives up to it motto the happiest place on earth.

  2. you guys deserve it!! what a great time for everyone. something “G” will never forget!!!lots of love grampa tim & gramma connie

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