A Disappointing Evening

Our previous hot weather was just a warm up (pardon the pun) for this week’s weather.

Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 7.56.50 PM

It’s 96° at 8 PM (par for the course this week) and the high of 81° on Wednesday is looking positively delightful at this point.

I mean…

We’ve bought two new fans for the apartment and probably would have bought an AC unit if they weren’t all sold out.  (Boo.)

Since Saturdays are usually our pizza and movie nights, we decided to take our act on the road tonight to see Minions.  G’s been wanting to see it and movie theaters are one of the few places that are air conditioned, so it seemed like a win-win situation.

We got to the theater to buy tickets and Andy said, “Two adults and she’s 3,” pointing to G.

As parents, there are times when you’re tempted to lie about your child’s age to save you money.  “She’s only 2,” you want to say, but you resist because you don’t want to teach your child that it’s OK to lie.

You definitely never expect this to happen:

“Oh, she is 3?  Then she cannot see the movie.”

Excuse me?

Apparently, this theater has a policy to not allow children under age 4 into movies because young children have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

The website has the age rating as 6/4Y. I never would have guessed that the 4 was a hard cutoff, though.

I’m sure that some kids do, but I also know that G isn’t one of them.  We may not have let her watch TV or movies until she was 2, but we have certainly made up for it since then!  She loves movies and since Andy and I do, too, we love sharing them with her.  She’s always great at the theater and generally keeps her questions to a minimum and also lets me know if she’s scared.  She’s only had to leave the theater once during a movie because she was scared, but I would never hesitate to remove her for any reason necessary.

I just feel like this is something that parents should get to decide for their own kids.  I can see some benefit to the policy with movies made for more mature audiences, but this is a kids’ movie!

We left the theater with G in tears because she was so excited to see the movie and then we couldn’t.  Andy and I were also disappointed.  To add insult to injury, we got an old tram (no AC) on the way home.  Way to kick us when we were down, Basel.

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