Missing Out

On a day-to-day basis, I can kind of forget that we’re an ocean away from our friends and family.

But sometimes, there’s a day that makes it really hard to forget.

Like when your nephew is born.  Or your other nephew has a birthday party and then has the audacity to follow that up with actually turning 3.

And on those days, being an expat is really hard.

3 thoughts on “Missing Out

  1. I still live in the same country as my family, but do to circumstances neither my aunts nor I could control, we missed about twenty years of each other. I’ll be 22 in September and one of them has asked me to be Godmother to her son (due in 5 weeks but I probably won’t see him for months, maybe even longer). The important thing is that you let them know how much you love them because that’s what truly matters in family.

    • Haha, absolutely. We Skype and FaceTime a lot. But it’s just not the same.

      And right now, Andy’s aunt from TX and uncle from CA are in Peoria and it just feels weird to not be there.

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