Still here… Just jet-lagged again

So, I finished the A to Z challenge, which admittedly kind of burned me out for blogging.  Writing every day isn’t so bad when you know you really have something to write about.  It becomes more difficult when you change your proposed topics, so then your later topics have to shift so you’re not writing about the same thing multiple times, and then also life happens.  Like moving in the middle of the month.

Then, as I mentioned in my last post, on May 1st we flew to the States for the main purpose of getting our pup and bringing her to Switzerland with us.  While we were there, we had a million things on our to-do lists and … most of them got done.  Today Andy and I realized that at least two of the things we had intended to buy in the States never made it onto the shopping list (because I thought I would remember them HA) and subsequently didn’t get purchased.  OOPS.

I’ll just add them to the list of things to buy next time we’re Stateside (which we plan to be around Christmas).

Personally, I am struggling.  After the move, G had a potty training regression which caught me off guard and she also started lying around the same time, which can be a delightful combination.

And although I know that job hunting can be a trying procedure in the best of circumstances and I know that my current situation doesn’t meet that description for many reasons, the process of looking for a job over here and yielding zero positive results is pretty demoralizing.  I’ve always worked, with only a few weeks to really count as an exception, since the summer between junior and senior year of high school (2001).  I don’t feel like I’m a good full-time, stay-at-home-mom.  This is not where my strengths lie, and I also feel bummed out to not be using my degree that I worked so long to get.


Things are mostly good, as they generally are anyway.  It’s just that sometimes I get so focused on the bad stuff that it becomes difficult to see the good.

Andy and I are talking through a lot of my/our frustrations.  G has said that now that we’re back in Switzerland, she’s going to start using the potty again (and since she decided she would start using the potty once she turned 3 and followed through with that, I’m going to take her at her word).  We have Ziggy here with us.  We are pretty much settled into the apartment (only one more piece of furniture to build, plus two shelves that need to be hung up and doors to be put on Andy’s wardrobe), so you can expect pictures of the furnished apartment sometime in the not-too-distant future.  The weather is nice, so we can be outside (and having Ziggy here necessitates that we are).

I mainly just wanted everyone to know that I’m still here and haven’t abandoned the blog.  I’ll be posting again soon, although definitely not daily.  I can see why my friend Marty over at Meanwhile Back In Peoria is taking a break!  (BTW, Marty, sorry we didn’t get together while I was in town!  The time got away from me!  I have a Sky Harbor coupon waiting to be used the next time I’m in Peoria…)

Until next time, cheers!

7 thoughts on “Still here… Just jet-lagged again

  1. I’m huge into YouTube, finally. Perhaps you should go YouTube with the blog and start creating vlog content. Ex-pat’g vlog would be perfect subject just as you’re already blogging about. If you social media it enough, it might bring in a few extra bucks. Keep it to 2 mins. And post on a schedule twice a week, like Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can just use your phone to shoot the vids.

    I suggest researching on YouTube on how to do it.

    It’ll keep you on a schedule. It’ll be a job. And, you’ve another outlet for frustrations, excitements, etc. Building a YouTube community is something you’d be good at since you already know a really Big one.

    It’s all YouTube now, girl.

    Just my suggestion. You’ve such a good voice, speaking and writing, that I truly believe you’ll have a good time. (Once you get through the initial scariness.)


  2. I feel you on the job situation. I was offered multiple jobs only to be told something didn’t work (pay, visa, language skills) so they never worked out. I took a job that I’m over qualified for and still look for other jobs but nothing is really working so far. It can be frustrating and hugely depressing, I know. Have you thought about working in a daycare? They usually look for English speakers and G could go for free or discounted. I know it’s not ideal. What’s your degree in? I could ask around in Zurich and let you know if I hear of anything opening up.

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