Blogging from A to Z – Z – Ziggy!

Originally I was going to post about the zoo and show you some of my favorite pictures from there that I haven’t posted before.


Then I started thinking about how we make our trip back to Peoria tomorrow and the main reason for the trip is to go get our Zigs pup and bring her back to Switzerland with us.

So this post is for her.

When I was unpacking last week, I came across this picture of baby Ziggy.

This is from July 2006.

We adopted Ziggy in July when she was about 2 months old.  She had kennel cough when they gave her the pre-adoption checkup and the shelter gave us the option to back out of the adoption.  We totally brought that sick little pup home, though.  She pulled through the kennel cough like a champ and has been an awesome dog ever since.

Since she’s half-German Shepherd, she is starting to have some issues with her hips now, but she’s also almost 9.  She’s a “senior” dog, so we can’t expect her to not show any signs of aging.  When she takes her glucosamine supplements, she’s as willing and able to jump around as ever, so she can’t be in that bad of shape.

It’s been weird not having any pets to take care of the past three-and-a-half months.  I’ve missed Ziggy and Tybalt both, although it has helped immensely to know they’re both in good hands.  Buying dog food on Tuesday was a trip, though.  I haven’t smelled that distinctive dog food smell in a long time!

We’re getting Ziggy back on Sunday morning.  Because of some scheduling constraints, Andy will be going alone to pick her up.  I’ll be doing something fun, but I’m also kind of bummed that I won’t get to be there to see her right away.  But it’ll still be great when I see her later that afternoon.

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