Blogging from A to Z – Y – Yesterday

[Truthfully, the day before yesterday.]

The real yesterday, Wednesday, wasn’t such a great day for me.  And thus my blog post didn’t get done.

However, my planned post was about yesterday’s yesterday (Tuesday), so I’m going to go ahead and post that today!


7 AM – My alarm went off with a reminder to record everything I did today, every hour on the hour.  G seemed to be asleep and Andy was already on his plane to London.  I decided to catch up with my phone.  This has been a part of my morning routine as long as I’ve had a smart phone, but I have a lot more to catch up on now.  You miss a lot when everyone you know is 7 hours behind you!

8 AM – G woke up around 7:10, so I didn’t get much time to myself.  She helped me pick up some of the IKEA garbage from what I hope was our final delivery from them yesterday, so I rewarded her with reading a bunch of books.  One about Christmas, The Book with No Pictures (twice), Archibald’s Next Big Thing (our copy is signed because I won it from Mommyshorts, nbd), and The Giving Tree.  She asked me to read more, but I was all talked out!

9 AM – Despite having already eaten a banana and a yogurt, G said she wanted oatmeal.  So I cooked some.  On the stove.  We don’t currently own a microwave, you guys!

10 AM – After her third breakfast, G said she wanted to watch a movie she’d “never seed before.”  When we pulled up her Netflix page, she picked Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.  I hadn’t seen that movie in years!  The most hilarious part, to me, was Tone Loc as the rapping lizard.

11 AM – I cooked lunch: our last box of mac ‘n cheese.  Good thing we’re going to the States THIS WEEKEND!  We also had fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Noon – G and I cleaned up all of her toys before nap time.  Then I read her one book (Little Miss Curious – we’ve been working our way through her Little Miss library lately) and headed out to clean up while she napped.

1 PM – I sat down to write my X post and balance the checkbooks.

2 PM – Shower time and Netflix before G got up from her nap.

3 PM – G woke up and she got ready for ballet class.  Our commute is a lot longer now!  We have to take two trams and a walk as opposed to just walking through the park and going across the street.

4 PM – We made it to SBB and walked to Gymboree.  Ballet started at 4:15 and I got 45 minutes to read and occasionally peek in at G.

5 PM – Ballet was over, so we headed over to Qualipet to buy food for Ziggy since we will arrive in Basel on Sunday and everything will be closed.  (This is the food I picked up on the employees’ recommendation.  Hopefully it’s good.

6 PM – We finished up dinner and caught the trams back to Birsfelden.

7 PM – It was G’s bath time and we also talked to Andy on the phone so he could tell G goodnight.

8 PM – I finally finished putting G to bed and headed down to the cellar to take all the paper recycling out to the curb.

9 PM – I vegged out and watched Friends on Netflix.  I avoided running upstairs to the attic to grab something that needed to be washed.  I also iMessaged with my brother about the upcoming trip to Peoria.

10 PM – Just before 10 I finally went up to the attic, making it back to the apartment right before quiet hours started.  I also discovered that there are additional clotheslines in the attic, so that’s awesome.

11 PM – I kept thinking that going to bed would be the responsible thing to do, but watched more Netflix and surfed the web instead.

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