Blogging from A to Z – X – X-Rated

NOTE: This post contains adult images.  This is not typical content for my blog.  There just aren’t a lot of “X” topics to cover.

I know that the US is totally backwards about sex and nudity.  Sex sells, but you shouldn’t talk about sex outside of advertising.  Nudity should pretty much only be female and it can only be in certain contexts.  No sex before marriage.  Breast is best, but we don’t want to see you feeding that baby; can’t you go in another room or at least cover up?

I disagree with those notions and I was looking forward to being in a culture that was less repressive.

However, I wasn’t really prepared for what, exactly, that entails.  Basically it means multiple sex shops on the road between your apartment and your insurance agent’s office and having to try to avoid explaining to your three-year-old what “those ladies” are doing.  It also means having an x-rated movie theater in the same building as G’s ballet class.

Night Club Bar. Right.

A few doors down, sex shop #1.

And a few more doors down, sex shop #2.

We have at least one sex shop in Peoria, but it has no windows.  It definitely doesn’t display its wares so prominently in the window!

A week before I took these pictures, the movie theater across the street (which I think shows indie films) was showing a movie called SEX.  I didn’t get a picture of that marquee, sadly.  Andy and I walked around after our date night, before it was time to pick up G, taking these pics.  I didn’t want to try to get pictures of these places while I had G with me.  Mostly because she’s asked enough questions about those mannequins without me stopping directly in front of the store with her.

Drop the kids off at Gymboree and then head to Cine Mascotte! (Please note: that is not how we spent the evening.)

The “O” is a butt. Classy.

Movie theaters, movies 3 for 1 ticket. Non-stop 10.00 – 23.00 o’clock. Interactive sex animation cabins with over 300 films to choose from. Customer Card with Rewards – discreet, profitable, easy.

I also had pictures of the movie posters, but I’m choosing to leave those gems out.  The titles were such classics as:

  • Rollergirl
  • Extreme Soviet Sluts 3
  • Millionaire II
  • Hauptstadt Porno (Which translates to “Capital Porno”)
  • Von Frauen Retrogen 2 (“Of Women Retrogen 2” … obviously something isn’t translating correctly, ha!)

I guess this is just tough for me because I don’t want sex to be this taboo thing that needs to be hidden, but I also don’t want to discuss porno posters with my three-year-old.  It makes me feel like a hypocrite, but I also feel like there should be some middle ground on this issue that I just haven’t encountered yet.

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