Blogging from A to Z – V – Vehicles

…Other than trams and trains, haha!

Since that’s pretty much all I talk about, you might think that’s all we have here!

But in fact, there are lots of other vehicles on the street.

I took that in the “vélopark” near our old apartment and the train station.  (Vélo means bike in French.)  Lots and lots of bikes on the road, which I expected.  I didn’t really think about the ramifications of parking all those bikes, but they’ve got to go somewhere while people are at work!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’m seeing lots of adults on scooters, too, which surprised me.  It’s pretty funny to see someone in a suit scooting down the street.

(G is still getting the hang of her scooter.  She won’t relax enough, really.  I know she’ll get there, though.)

Moving onto vehicles with motors, there are lots of mopeds, Vespas, and motorcycles on the road.  As well as at least two people driving ATVs around the city streets.

The bus system in Basel is really great, too, and our tram pass also works for the buses.  Now that we’re outside of the city center, we’ve actually taken the bus a few times.  Much like the trams, they’re clean and run on time, so I have no complaints!  I do find it amusing that a lot of them are Mercedes Citaros.  My American brain can’t compute that a luxury brand makes city buses and that they’re all over the place.

Along the same lines as the Mercedes buses, there are lots of “foreign” (to me) cars over here, but of course most of them are made next door in Germany or Italy.  VW, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Smart cars are all very common here, as are Fiats.  And those are just the brands I’d heard of before moving here.  There are a whole mess of cars that I’d never seen in the US.

Just off the top of my head.

On Friday night, though, we saw something that instantly transported me back home.  A Dodge Ram 4×4 with a Hemi.  An old man was driving it, I believe.  Too funny.  So very un-Swiss.

So far, we’re feeling good about our decision to go car-free.  I would love to get a Vespa, but it’s not practical with G.  We will be investing in bikes soon, though!

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