Blogging from A to Z – U – Umbrella

It rains a lot here.

My source is Wikipedia; their source is noted as well.

I have lamented my lack of rain boots (luckily G has a pair) and the fact that my beloved bootcut jeans get soaked whenever I have to walk in the rain.  (This is something that happened back in the States, too, but I didn’t walk nearly as many places!)

(I still haven’t really shopped for skinny jeans because the prospect terrifies me more than dealing with wet jeans annoys me.)

One of our first purchases here in Basel was an umbrella (purple, per G’s request).

Here’s G at the first Fasnacht parade, mad at me because I wouldn’t let her hold the umbrella.  (That was because her holding the umbrella essentially boils down to her hitting everyone around her with said umbrella.  It was too crowded for that foolishness.)

But you know what?  It’s still really hard to remember to bring the damn thing with you!

Even when there’s rain in the forecast.  Even when I can look outside and see the grey clouds.

That umbrella isn’t doing me a lick of good when I leave it at home.

I wonder how many times I’ll have to come home soaked before I remember to start bringing the umbrella with me.

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