Blogging from A to Z – R – Rhine River

I’m pretty sure that I’ve said before that one of the biggest things that reminds me of Peoria here in Basel is the river.  Peoria is a river town and has its sister city East Peoria on the other side (which everyone pretty much thinks of as just an extension of Peoria proper).

The Rhine actually splits Basel, so there is city on both sides of the river here as well.  For the most part, we stay on the one side because almost everything we need is over here so why walk over or take the tram?  The H&M that carries kids’ clothes is on the other side, though, as well as an Aldi, so we do get over there occasionally.

Back in January, I got a text or email from Andy while he was at work telling me that there was some kind of boat parade going on and that G and I should check it out.

Apparently this is an annual thing, but his coworkers hadn’t ever been because it’s always on a weekday.  It’s not a big enough deal to warrant closing the office (like they do for Fasnacht), so everyone knew about it, but no one could give me great details.

Back in January, I Googled it and found some information, but this is the first time since starting this blog that I haven’t been able to duplicate that search return.  I can’t find any firm details, so other than the fact that it’s some kind of boat parade on the Rhine in Basel in January, I’ve got nothing.

I don’t even have any pictures because apparently it’s mostly in the morning and G and I didn’t get out to start looking into it until the afternoon.

It was only our first or second week here, so I didn’t have my bearings at all.  Looking back now and knowing that area as well as I do, the route that I took and all the unnecessary walking is pretty hilarious and ridiculous.

It was raining (as per usual in Basel in the winter) and I was wearing G in the Ergo for the most part.  Once I figured out which way to go, we walked to the Rhine and across the bridge.  There were no boats.  There was no sign that anything special had happened.

But G and I hung out on the bridge for a bit, mostly by this structure which was previously featured in this post.

Totally stole this picture from that old post as well.

G asked a lot of questions, mostly about why there weren’t any boats when I had said that there would be boats.  But she also asked about the locks and why they were there and who had put them there.

I explained to her that people in love put locks on there as a reminder of their love and so that everyone else can see it, too.

She said that she would like to put a lock on the bridge with me.  So when we’re home next month (week, actually!), one of the things I want to do is get a lock engraved for us to put on the bridge as a family.

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