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On Friday night, Andy and I had our first date night since moving to Basel.  It only took 3 months!

Gymboree was offering a special where G could stay for 3 hours and have a music class, an art class, play in the play area, and have dinner.  We totally signed her up (and also for one next month)!

This meant that we had three child-free hours to eat somewhere that G didn’t have to like and walk around without her asking to be carried (or complaining about the rain).

Given the state of our apartment, the responsible thing for us to do would have been coming back here and building furniture or unpacking.  But we both needed some actual downtime.

So we walked around in the drizzle until we found a restaurant that looked good.

Andy and his big beer. And our free olives.

I had penne pasta with pesto sauce and chicken. Andy had a pork knuckle with roasted vegetables.

Espresso. A cup of water with one ice cube. A tiny cookie.

We were both pretty stuffed from dinner, but we had seen this place called Choco Kebab a few weeks ago and I really wanted to try it.

It. Was. Amazing.

They shave chocolate off here just like shaving meat off for a regular kebab.

I got the classic, which is just a sauce, whipped cream, and the chocolate shavings. I got chocolate sauce, naturally.

The finished product.

Andy also got the classic. With caramel sauce and no whipped cream because he’s a crazy person.

Choco Kebab selfie!

When we picked up G, she was so excited and happy.  She didn’t want to leave, but she totally crashed when we got home.

It was definitely a great night for us all!  I think we’re all looking forward to Date Night Friday in May, too.

3 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z – O – Out and About

  1. So glad you found a safe and FUN place for G to go to give you guys a break! Sometimes, those short few hours can make all the difference! If I were you, I would TOTTALLY sign her up for the one every month, that is so awesome that they offer it!!

    • There was only one other girl there on Friday. They’re offering 2 in May, but one of them is while we’re in the States. Hopefully they’re popular enough so they’ll keep being offered!

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