Blogging from A to Z – N – New Home

Just under three months after we moved to Basel, we got the keys to our very own apartment.  One we picked and signed the lease for and paid the deposit (three goddamn months’ rent, guys!) and picked out furniture…  To say we were excited would be an understatement.

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New keys! Keychain from Sarah! ❤

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Cutest keys.

Moving truck!

On Tuesday, I made two trips to the apartment with suitcases, took G to ballet class, took another trip to the apartment, and then slept like a baby.

G “helping” Andy pull a suitcase to the apartment.

In the middle, I shot this video.

I also took some pictures, in case you don’t want to listen to my voice for a minute-forty-five.

Our mailbox!

Our doorbell!

The entryway. All the rooms open into this space.

The first door on the right is G’s bedroom.

This is G’s view.

The second door on the right is the living room.

The other side of the living room.

Straight in front of the door is the bathroom.

The second door on the left is the master bedroom.

This is our view. Pro: We get to use some of that green space. Con: There’s a rooster living back there.

The balcony opens into our room and the kitchen.

The first door on the left is the kitchen.

The fridge is on the left. Our (gas!) stove is in the middle. You can also see the top of our dishwasher(!) in the lower-left corner.

The awesomely 70’s awning on our balcony.

That was all on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, IKEA came and delivered all that furniture I talked about the other day.  When we ordered it, we made the mistake of only requesting that they build one thing.

Just one.

Never again, my friends.

Also, this:

I talked about it all on fb last night:

This is the video I posted:

And this is the bed I was talking about.

Today… today I feel a lot better about things.

We got Genevieve’s room rearranged and mostly unpacked.  I feel like she’s missing some stuff… maybe there’s another box of her things somewhere?  We still have quite a few boxes to go through, so we’ll see.

I also unpacked a lot of my stuff today.  I don’t have enough hangers to finish everything up, but between the three of us unpacking, we were able to get all of the suitcases out of our apartment, which frees up a lot of space!  I was also able to empty out quite a few totes we had packed in, as well as moving two up to our attic space that are filled with winter clothes.

There are just so many great things about this apartment!  We have a cellar space as well as the attic space.  There are a washer and dryer on the first floor and the dryer seems to actually get clothing all the way dry, which means no more hanging socks up to dry!  There’s a recycling center for everything except paper within walking distance, which means no more hoarding bottles and cans on the kitchen windowsill.

There’s also this:

And this:

I know that by the time we leave for Peoria to visit everyone and pick up Ziggy, I will find it hilarious that I was so freaked out about getting this stuff done.

Can’t wait for that, to be honest.

7 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z – N – New Home

    • It, like almost everything in our apartment, is from IKEA. I love it!

      And thanks!

      Andy hauled most of the cardboard out of the apartment and down into the cellar yesterday and that’s helping significantly in being able to see what we’ve got done and what still needs to be done.

      • I love Ikea. Ours is only 12 miles from us. It used to be further but they closed that one, building the bigger one in Covina. Of note: before they knocked the building down, it was used for the big shoot out in the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Yup, that blue building. They dressed that whole building with content for that.

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