Blogging from A to Z – M – Music Class

Music is a big deal here in Basel.  There’s the Musik-Akademie Basel, which is located not too far from the hotel we stayed at when we visited in October.

There are buskers all over the place playing guitar, accordion, stringed instruments, you name it.

Back in Peoria, G had weekly music classes called A B C Music & Me, which was a program provided by Kindermusik.

Here in Basel, we’re lucky that we get to go to Kindermusik classes every Wednesday afternoon.

I don’t have a lot of pictures from music class because parents aren’t allowed in!  We spend a few minutes singing a hello song with the kids and then go next door where everyone basically reads on their phones for a half-hour or so.  Then we go back into class for the last few minutes to sing a goodbye song.

During class, the kids sing, dance, run around, play instruments, and just have a lot of fun.

This past week, the kids all brought in statues they had made.  G designed this sweet statue out of a Girl Scout cookie box, some toilet paper tubes, and some paper towel tubes.

She named her statue, but the name changes literally every time you ask her.

This is another class that’s offered in English and G’s teacher is actually an expat American, too, although she’s been here for years and years.  Most of G’s classmates were born in other countries and speak one or two other languages besides English.  It’s a bit intimidating!  Everyone is very nice, though, and it’s a great way for G and me to socialize.

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