Blogging from A to Z – K – Kindergarten

Quick post tonight!  We had to work on packing (moving day tomorrow!) and watching Game of Thrones.


Kindergarten starts at age 4 in Switzerland, which seems crazy early, but children also attend for two years.  In Basel-Stadt, our current canton, G was eligible to attend two half-days of bilingual pre-school per week, in order to help her learn more German prior to starting kindergarten next year.

See this stream?

Looking upstream/south/towards our apartment.

Looking downstream/north/towards Germany.

This stream separates Basel-Stadt from Basel-Landschaft, our new canton.

In all other ways, you can’t even tell that you’ve left BS and are entering BL. Which is great! This one thing is just disappointing.

Pre-k is not mandatory in Basel-Landschaft, which is totally lame.

We will still be sending G to bilingual daycare for some of the week, even if I don’t get a job.  The socialization is important for her, as well as instruction from other adults when I’m not in the next room.  And the chance to learn German from someone other than me or Little Pim, obviously, since I can’t convince her of the proper pronunciation of “milch.”

We’re super excited to be moving this week.  But if I had known about this pre-k difference between BS and BL when we were still apartment hunting, I might have concentrated my search a little bit differently.

One thought on “Blogging from A to Z – K – Kindergarten

  1. Kindergarten in Germany is more like pre-school – at least it’s the equivalent of what we call pre-school/play school in the UK. I think Kindergarten in America is more like the first year of proper school?

    We’re also living in Basel-Landschaft. Well, my boyfriend is. I move next week.

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