Blogging from A to Z – E – Easter

Andy and I were just discussing earlier that the passage of time doesn’t make any sense since our move.  On the one hand, it seems like we’ve been waiting forever to get into our new apartment and that we’ve been here for a long time.

On the other hand, we haven’t even been here three months yet.

Which makes me feel better about the fact that this past weekend is the first time we’ve actually gotten outside of Basel to see more of the country.

When Andy accepted this job and we had to choose between Switzerland and England, we chose Switzerland because we thought it would be easier to visit other countries.  You know, no pesky water barrier between us and the rest of Europe.

However, finding the time to get outside of Basel has been difficult.

Andy had a four-day weekend for the Easter holiday, though, so we decided to take advantage and visit Crans-Montana, as I mentioned the other day.

On Easter morning, G woke up to a modest Easter basket with some Kinder chocolate, a stuffed monkey (which she promptly named George), and some goodies to play with during bath time.

Looking out the window and seeing the fresh dusting of snow, we decided that we should go build a snowman after breakfast.

There wasn’t a ton of snow, so Andy had to scrape snow into a pile and then start making snowman parts. It was serious business.

Genevieve tried to copy Andy’s technique to limited success.

G looks on as their snowman starts to take shape!

Ham.  Plus an Olaf.

What a good looking trio!

I asked for funny faces. They both complied!

Andy showing off snowman #2 – “a nice baby Marshmallow!”

Nice baby Marshmallow says, “Do come back!”

There are mountains hiding behind those trees and clouds.  The clouds decided to start snowing some more, so we called it quits and headed back to the hotel.

Andy and G in front of the hotel sign.

And look! Photographic evidence that I was there, too!

Hmm… if you’re on a Swiss mountain and you just got done playing in the snow, what’s the appropriate way to warm up?

There’s only one answer!

After hot chocolate, we headed upstairs for a viewing of Frozen on the iPad and nap time.

After naps for everyone, we spent some time reading the awesome collection of Dr. Seuss books on hand, and then got ready for dinner.

Hmm… Easter dinner at a hotel, away from all our family…

I’m having a steak.


Andy decided to have a steak, too.

His was supposed to be “spicy,” but it was just a black pepper sauce. Not the kind of heat he was expecting, although he reported it was still delicious.

G had a hamburger.  Of course.  Three-year-olds!

All in all, not a bad way to spend our first Easter away from the family!  Crans-Montana was beautiful and definitely somewhere we want to visit again.

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