Blogging from A to Z – C – Crans-Montana

Originally I planned to blog about “coins” today.  Money in Switzerland is weird; paper currency starts at CHF 10.  For everything smaller, there’s a coin.  CHF 5, CHF 2, CHF 1, and change in .50, .20, .10, and .05.  There isn’t a .01 coin and pretty much everything is handled in increments of .05.  My cell phone bill gets rounded up because of this.  The only place I’ve seen a price end in something other than a 5 or 0 was Aldi.

I don’t even know what the change is called here.  I call them cents, which I’m 99% sure isn’t correct.

Anyway.  That was my plan, to teach you all about the coins here in Switzerland.

But it’s Easter weekend and Andy has four days off work, so we decided to take a weekend away and see some of the country.  Genevieve has been asking to go to the “real mountains,” so we asked around for good places to go and Crans-Montana came highly recommended.  We booked a hotel online, bought train tickets at the train station, and headed up here this morning.

“Up” is relative in this case.  Our elevation is obviously much higher than in Basel, but Crans-Montana is actually pretty far south of Basel.

So, we came up here and down here, depending on how you look at it.

Saying we took the train here simplifies things quite a bit, too.  We took the train from Basel to Visp, where we transferred to another train (with a 4 minute connection!) to Sierre/Siders.  From Sierre we took the funicular up the mountain to Crans-Montana.  Then we took two buses and had a bit of a walk to get to our hotel, Hôtel La Prairie.

We haven’t done much so far.  We kind of missed lunch and nap time with all of the travel, so we were all in pretty horrible moods when we got to the hotel.  G refused to even relax, choosing instead to run laps back and forth across our room.  Fun!

The scenery is amazing, though.  I have a bunch of pictures to share with you, and these are all just from my phone.  I’ve taken a handful with the Canon, but not many.  I hope to get more, and from someplace other than our balcony.

Here’s our trip to Crans-Montana so far!

Coloring on the train!

Listening to music and sitting on Dada’s lap so she could see the mountains.

We went through a long tunnel and when we came out, this was outside our window.

Just stop it, Switzerland.

Getting ready to head up on the funicular.

Vineyards mid-way up the mountain.


She didn’t need a nap, though. Don’t worry about it! (This is what she tells me when she knows I’m right and doesn’t want to discuss it. Naturally, it infuriates me!)

Performance art, maybe?

Panoramic shot off our balcony. Ridiculous.

Dinner. Delicious.

Cutest mustards!

Unexpected dinner guest!

Made herself right at home!

11 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z – C – Crans-Montana

  1. Unfortunately the kitty has a collar, otherwise I would say Grab it. 🙂 Then you would have a Swiss cat. Does the meow come out meow or ????

    • The meow was tiny, like a kitten’s meow! G said it meowed like a girl 😂, which is why I referred to it as a “she.” I didn’t look closely enough to know for sure, haha.

      “Her name is Gnocchi. She meowed like a girl, so it’s a girl cat.” – G
      (Quietly, under his breath.) “So did Tybalt…” – Andy

  2. Your dinner guest was Tybs’ Swiss cousin. Obviously, there was a language barrier & he did not make himself clear. Tybs recognized him immediately 🙂

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Traveling with little kids is tough. I have to remember to enjoy the magic moments amidst all the chaos. Love the kitty. It would be hard for my not to want to smuggle it home.

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