Blogging from A to Z – B – Ballet

For almost a year, Genevieve has been obsessed with ballet.  Any time she was wearing a skirt or dress, she would say it’s a “BEAUtiful BALLERINA dress” and would twirl until I was dizzy.  We saw a ballet demonstration at a family fun day in East Peoria last year and she was enthralled.

However, ballet classes didn’t start in Peoria until age 3, so I couldn’t get her into ballet before we moved.

There is a Gymboree Music & Play very near our current apartment, so when cabin fever started driving us crazy and I wasn’t yet ready to embrace the way Europeans go outside to play in all kinds of weather, I took G over to check out the facility and sign up for a class.

Happily, they have a ballet class on Tuesday afternoons!  We also get access to their indoor PlayGym during open hours, which is helpful when it’s rainy (which happens a lot in the winter and spring), windy (the wind can be really horrible here), or just too cold to play outside.  The class is also taught in English, which is great for so many reasons.  Genevieve can understand her teacher.  She and I both get to hear English being spoken.  I have gotten to talk to some other adults.  It’s socialization for both of us!

For her first few classes, Genevieve was too shy to participate in the warm-ups and wanted me in the room with her the whole time.  Slowly but surely, she has gotten used to her teacher and classmates and I haven’t had to be in the class for the last two weeks.

In fact, I’ve been banished away from the windows because G spends too much time watching me watching her instead of paying attention to her teacher.  So I don’t have many pictures from her recent classes.

She makes a very cute ballerina, though.

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Waiting to be woken up with the magic wand.

Tip toes!

This past Tuesday, 31 March, G was the only one in her class.  Swiss schools have a two week break surrounding Easter, so a lot of families are out of town.  She got some one-on-one time with her teacher and got to practice on the balance beam.  She was so proud of herself!

Ballet class is one of the highlights of our week.  I will definitely sign her up for more classes!

ETA: Andy wanted me to write this post about the “Betreibungsregisterauszug.” How’s that for a German mouthful?!  I told him I wouldn’t write my post about something that I couldn’t even begin to spell, so he emailed the spelling to me.

It’s basically a debtor’s report and is something you’re required to have for pretty much everything here.  We had to have one run to register in our current canton, when I got my phone, when we applied for our apartment, and when we registered in our new canton.

My favorite part is that it only deals with Swiss debt.  As far as I can tell, they don’t care if you owe money to anyone anywhere else in the world.

Anywho, it’s not exciting.  But it is a hilarious word.

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