On the Hunt

The job hunt, that is.

I’ve never pictured myself as a stay-at-home-mom.  I always thought that, if I had kids, they would be in daycare of some kind while I continued to work.

Since we moved here for Andy’s job, however, his career has to be the top priority… at least at first.

I’m hopeful, though, that sometime after we settle into our new apartment (April 15th!) and visit Peoria (the first half of May!), I will be able to start working.

Over here in Europe, they don’t use a résumé; they use a curriculum vitae (CV).  In the States, CVs are pretty much only used for people in academia or the medical field, so finding CV examples in English that pertained to my field even remotely was quite difficult.

However, due to the awesome help of some lovely people on the web, I have put together a CV that is at least respectable.  I’ve submitted it to a couple of employers online.  My difficulty now is finding jobs that don’t require any German.  I was reading one job description for a position with a large international insurance carrier and nodding along like, “Yes, I can do that, I can do that, I’ve done that,” until I got to the last bullet point: Must be able to speak and write in both German and English.  Well, shoot.

I’ve also officially been notified, for two positions, that the company has “decided not to proceed further with [my] application.”

I didn’t expect to land the first job I applied for, but that doesn’t take the sting out of rejection.  No matter how formal or early in the application process.

There are worse things.  Every day that I’m not working is a day that I get to stay home and explore the city with Genevieve.  And with better weather on the horizon, that’s not an awful prospect by any means!

But… if you happen to know of any positions open in or around Basel that don’t require German, I would certainly be interested.  And if they were in insurance, I’d be even more interested 😉

5 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. I have no tips about finding a job abroad. But I popped in here via the A to Z challenge. I enjoyed your posts about Fasnacht, am jealous of your daughter’s new dollhouse, and wish you much luck in finding fulfilling ways to spend your time in Basel.

    I’m also from Illinois. I lived abroad in Israel and Russia in my twenties and loved noticing differences like food packaging shapes and garbage rules. Doing it with a child seems a lot more challenging, but wow the opportunities Genevieve will have! Very cool

    • Thank you for reading, Rory! I never went abroad without a child, but I imagine that it would be a lot easier without one 😉 I do love knowing what amazing things we’re exposing her to, though!

  2. Good luck with the job hunt. I ran into the language issue here in Los Angeles when I was looking for a job. Here they were looking for people who were bilingual in English and Spanish or Chinese. That’s the future I guess.

    Tomorrow starts the big A to Z Challenge. Hope to see you then.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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