Fasnacht – Part 3 -or- Genevieve Turns 3!

It’s taken me almost a month to get all the way through Fasnacht.  Around G’s birthday, we had a very rough time with her attitude and tantrums and I just generally could not.  I couldn’t do much of anything, but I definitely couldn’t write blog posts about how great things were.  I hit another wall of just wanting to move back home.  I’m mostly over it now.


The last day of Fasnacht was also Genevieve’s third birthday.  Three!  How on earth is she three already?!  Since we weren’t with all of our friends and family for a party this year, it was kind of the city of Basel to throw her a party.  Haha.  This is hilarious until next year, and all subsequent years, she expects parades and confetti for her birthday.

So when we all woke up on that Wednesday morning, there were a few presents waiting for little miss.

Elsa is wishing G a happy birthday on that little sign behind G.

A dollhouse!

Opening a present from Aunt Emmy and Uncle Chris!

The birthday shirt was ordered well ahead of time from Old Navy.

A pink scooter!

She definitely didn’t have as many presents to open on her birthday as she would have if she’d had a party, but her presents rolled in over time.  She also received an Amazon gift card from Grandpa Tim and Grandma Connie, a birthday check from her great-grandparents, and presents from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dennis, Sarah, Ryan and Erin, and Aunt Dannie and Uncle Jason.  Having all those presents roll in over time just let her enjoy her birthday for longer!

Genevieve had requested McDonald’s for her birthday lunch.  [We never got McDonald’s in the States, but it has sadly entered our rotation here in Basel.  It’s close, relatively cheap (although super expensive compared to the cost in the States), and makes me think of home.]  We obliged.  Even though:

We all collected ourselves, though, and got ready to go to the last Fasnacht parade.

It was a little chilly, but not bad, and the sky was clear and blue.  There were a ton of people out.  It was a great afternoon!

Andy, Geneviev, and Deda getting ready to watch the parade.

I love this look of amazement.

I just noticed dude’s eyes peeking out from the nostrils of the mask. Creepy! He did give me a rose, though, so not all bad 😉

A rose that Genevieve quickly took from me, haha.

Dual confetti canons.


I love the pear instead of an Apple.

The logo on this float is creepy, too.

A little green confetti in action.

An all skeleton band.

This float, in addition to throwing confetti and giving out flowers and fruit, was also giving out bottles of liquor. Both small ones, like from a mini-bar, and those full-sized bottles you see in this picture.

A little taste of Chicago 🙂

There were so many people that we actually got a little overwhelmed and decided to break away from the action and just wander the streets away from the parade for a bit.  When we headed back home, we were up at the top of one of the (many) hills in Basel, so I was able to get a great view of the crowds.

All in all, Fasnacht was a great time!  I look forward to it again next year.  We’ll have a better understanding of this event, and be more prepared with costumes and such.  Hopefully we’ll also be able to understand some of the in-jokes present, since every single one of them went way over our non-German-speaking, just-recently-moved-here heads this year.

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