The Adventures of Flat Grant in Basel

A friend of mine from Cincinnati, OH, has two lovely children.  The younger one, her son, does an annual project in school where each child makes their own Flat Stanley.  Then each Flat Child gets sent around the country and/or world to have adventures.  This year, Flat Grant came to visit us in Basel!

There are a lot of scenic places in Switzerland, but as I mentioned in my last post, the weather hasn’t been phenomenal around here.  So we eased Flat Grant into his Swiss stay by watching one of G’s favorite movies, Brave, in German.

(Side note: We’re trying to expose G to more German, so we’ve been watching her movies and shows that she’s more familiar with in German instead of English.)

Next, G and I took Flat Grant to the zoo, which is one of our favorite places here in Basel.  We had some warmer weather this week and a break in the drizzle, so it was perfect zoo weather.  Plus, as a bonus for me, G walked almost the whole day and hardly asked to be carried.  It was a pretty great day!

We started off in the petting zoo, where G introduced Flat Grant to the goats.

Genevieve spends time petting the goats during every zoo visit.

She and Flat Grant were both impressed with that goat’s ups when he jumped onto the stump.

Later we headed to the Africa house where you can see the lions and crocodiles.  They were doing some work in the lion enclosure, so the lions weren’t out while we were there.  We did get to see the crocodiles walking around some, but no swimming.

FG and G both enjoyed watching these flish, I think.

Back outside, we started heading towards the exit.

We hung out with the flamingos for a while.

I hadn’t ever noticed the cheetahs at this zoo before; maybe they’ve always been inside.  Either way, they were out on Tuesday!  We nearly lost Flat Grant by their enclosure; G dropped him between the two fences, so I had to break the rules in order to rescue him.

These kitties were snoozing when we first started watching them, but something caught their eye.

Grant’s mom had guessed that his favorite animal at the zoo was the zebra, so we made sure to visit them.

I think G was getting tired of having to pose so much.

The emperor penguins were outside; it must have been right at the maximum temperature they’ll allow them to stay out in.  So we had to snap a picture there, too.

Then it was time to head home for G’s nap.

Flat Grant on the tram!

Later that evening was our English-language welcome session put on by the Canton of Basel.  Flat Grant came along and got his picture taken outside the Rathaus.

He also came with us on the boat ride on the Rhein, but it was really cold and dark outside the boat, so good pictures were too difficult to snap.

I’m trying to think of somewhere else to take Flat Grant before he moves on.  We’ll see what I come up with in the next week or so!  After this, Flat Grant will be heading to Germany and then back over the Atlantic to Canada.

Genevieve has really liked having Flat Grant here!  In typical two-or-three-year-old fashion, she has asked a million questions about him, but when we told her that Flat Grant was a school project, she said, “Maybe someday I can make a Flat Genevieve!”

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