Zooin’ It Up

The weather here in Basel has been exactly what I should have expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s been particularly pleasant.  It hovers between freezing and 40*F most days and flurries or rains most of the time.  It’s warm enough that the snow doesn’t stick or accumulate, but it’s also not fun to be out walking around in.

Our first week here, though, I did take G on the tram and to the zoo.  It was a lot of fun, but she wanted me to carry her a lot, which is getting harder and harder as she gets taller and heavier.

I also brought my new camera with me and took some pics.

OK, we have a running joke in our family about what sounds penguins make.  G got a penguin ball toy when she turned one that makes silly sounds and ever since then, she has said that that noise is what penguins sound like.  It’s funny and cute… Plus I’ve never heard a real penguin say anything, so I had no idea how far off she was!

Well, that all changed on January 21st.  The penguins were making noise, a noise that I would have guessed was coming from a donkey.  Andy didn’t believe me, and I hadn’t taken a video, so I found this on YouTube and it confirmed it for me.  So weird, right?

We had gotten to the zoo later than I intended, so we only looked at a few things before heading to the zoo restaurant for lunch.  When we finished up, this peacock greeted us right outside the door.

G was really disappointed that I wouldn’t let her pet the peacock, but I thought it was better to deal with her being upset than her being pecked.

Since she wanted to pet animals, we headed to the petting zoo next where G made friends with the goats.

I like how this guy was smiling at me.

Politely asking the goats to come over so she can pet them.


G has always been a bit afraid of the black swans at the Peoria zoo (although that may be from their proximity to the emus), but she wanted to pet these two, too.

They seemed friendly enough, but I was still nervous about her petting them.

It was cool enough out that the Emperor penguins were hanging out outside.  They were not making any weird donkey noises, though.

We’ll have to make it there earlier next time so we can see them march out and get fed.

Then we headed over to the playground for some running and climbing AKA burning off energy and not asking me to carry her all the time.


Genevieve the monkey

“I’m running so fast!”

This is the outdoor area for the orangutans, but they were all inside because of how chilly it was.

We went through the primate house and the bird house, then headed back to the exit to go home.

We stopped and saw the whole rhino family on our way out.

We had a snack on the tram on the way home and then G totally crashed.  I guess that’s the benefit of dragging her out in the cold and making her run around.  These Europeans may be onto something!

5 thoughts on “Zooin’ It Up

    • Tell Annalee that I always wonder the same thing about her and Bama!

      Also, G has been sleeping with her pink striped kitty here and always tells me how she got it from her “fwiends.”

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