Christmas, Part 4 (fin)

Andy’s mom and step-dad always have all the kids (and now grandkids) over the weekend after Christmas.

This year went a little differently, since my new nephew Oliver had just been born the day before.  Nolan was staying with Kathy and Dennis for a couple of days, and Dannie and Jason were at the hospital with the baby.  Additionally, Genevieve was going to have a sleepover with “Gramma Kaffy” and Nolan, which is all she really cared about.

(From the time we arrived at Kathy’s to the time Andy and I left, G just kept asking when the sleepover was going to start.  She cared not about food, or presents, or playing.  When was the sleepover going to start?!)

To jump out of sequence a bit, Andy and I left early so we could get ready for our going-away party, and I got this message from Emily shortly afterwards:

We sing our clean-up song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell, so that’s where that came from.

Anyway, this is another pretty low-key Christmas.  Snacks, food from Costco (easy and delicious!), presents… nothing too crazy.

I decided to bust out my new camera and take some pictures.  I’m lucky to have such adorable little models to (attempt to) shoot.

G and Nolan playing at the train table.

They were riding their horses between the store, the farm, and home. It was basically just G ordering Nolan around, but cute.

Margeaux, G, and Nolan at the train table.

Margeaux very kindly knocked over every piece that Nolan set up. He’s going to be a great big brother because he totally kept his cool.

Genevieve wearing Nolan’s Christmas present. I love how her disheveled hair sticking out of the hat just makes her look more like a crazy mountain man.

G and Kathy showing off the plate G made for her at daycare.

After all the excitement of opening presents died down, and when G could hardly stand to wait for the sleepover(!) to start, Andy and I got ready to go.

G and Nolan settled in on Grandpa Dennis’s lap.

I’ll be honest.  I was relieved when Kathy said G could sleep over on Saturday because I didn’t have to try to put her to bed in a hotel, but I didn’t think anyone would actually get any sleep that night.

They may not have gotten as much sleep as they should have, but they definitely got some.

They were both pretty excited to do some reading on the way home in the morning, though.

Reading the ads to Gramma Kaffy.

This was a perfect end to our Week of Christmases, and a great interlude between the emotional upheavals of that day (dropping Tybalt off in Bloomington for his trip to Nashville on Saturday morning and our going-away party on Saturday night).  I was still fighting tears a lot of the time, though, because when I think about leaving, taking G away from her cousins Nolan and Margeaux is what upsets me the most.

I guess I just have to hope that we’re raising a generation of globe-trotting Voss babies who will come visit us in Switzerland…

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