Christmas, Part 3

Christmas day is our quietest day in the Christmas marathon.  Sometimes it’s just Andy and me, sometimes my family joins us for some of the day, sometimes friends join us for dinner.

Since Andy and I met working at the movie theater, and the Voss Christmas Extravaganza takes place on Christmas Eve, Christmas day is ours.  Andy and I made it our tradition to do a movie and Chinese food on Christmas, although we skipped the movie in 2012 and 2013, since G was so young.  I’m hopeful that we will be able to keep up this Christmas tradition in Switzerland.

This year, Santa waited too long to get the Petsmart 2014 Cat, so he brought Genevieve the 2014 Dog. The dog’s name is Bear; I told G she couldn’t name her Puppy.

I can’t with these two and their matching PJs.

RUNNING SHOES! Thanks, Uncle Ray!

She loves her Anna hat. Well done, Rachel!

My friend Rachel of Will Hook for Bacon made this awesome hat for G.  Very well done.

Here’s my bro opening his awesome cologne. He’s going to smell amazing in 2015.

Baby Merida!

After the excitement of presents, I escaped to the kitchen to make waffles while Andy, Ray, and G watched Christmas movies on Netflix.  The classics of my youth were sadly missing, however.  We may have to work on getting them on DVD.

After a too-short nap, G, Andy, and I headed to the movie theater to see Big Hero 6.  I don’t think G was sold on this movie, since there weren’t any princesses or Cheetos-eating penguins, but we won her over with the promise of popcorn.

Plus, she looked too cute.

In the end, she loved the movie and said, “Maybe someday we can watch it again?”  I’m totally for any movies that don’t have princesses, so I’ll run with that.

Of course, when we returned home, she had to spend some time playing with the princesses Santa brought in her stocking.  These may be her favorite present of the year.  You win some, you lose some.

Later in the afternoon/evening, we met Chris, Emily, and Margeaux at Yen Ching, our favorite Chinese place in Peoria.  G hadn’t napped enough and Margeaux has decided to cut several teeth at once, so neither of our girls were very cheery at dinner.  But the food was tasty and the grown-up company was good.  It was a great way to end the day.

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