Christmas, Part 2

For much longer than I have known them, the Voss family has celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Normally I try to take that day off from work, but this year I worked until 2:30.  When I got home, Genevieve was making a one-sided argument through the baby monitor that she didn’t need to take a nap; she was wrong, but we also didn’t have enough time left in the day to argue with her.

We eventually collected ourselves, managed to look relatively presentable, and headed over to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house for dinner and presents.

I started the evening off with every intention of getting pictures of the cousins together.

Partial success.  (Nolan hadn’t arrived yet.)

Then dinner happened.

And presents.

Although I did capture a whole series of shots of G doing her best to knock Margeaux off of her own wagon box.

And then, again, as coats were being put on and people were talking about going home, we realized we didn’t have a group picture of all three cousins together.

So, again, we did the best we could.  But the situation quickly devolved.

Before we left Grandma’s house, my brother Ray even did me the favor of taking his picture with me and he smiled.

This is a rare occurrence.

After saying our goodbyes and taking Ray home, we managed to get Genevieve down for the night and then it was Santa time.

While Andy worked on setting up G’s LeapPad, I wrapped all the presents she was getting from us (as opposed to Santa) and the gifts for my brother.  Considering the long, full day we’d had, this sentiment should come as no surprise to anyone:

Eventually, everything was set up for Christmas morning and we were able to hit the hay.  We needed to rest up for Christmas, Part 3 in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Christmas, Part 2

    • Hey, Marty, thanks! I had significantly fewer beers than you this Christmas!

      I enjoyed your Sky Harbor post; sorry we didn’t make it down there. We ended up having a going-away party that night and I was too many drinks in to change locations by 9 PM.

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