Successfully rehoming a pet!

This is as happy an update as I can imagine!

Last night I received a text message from a friend telling me that her sister might be interested in adopting Tybalt, if we would meet her half-way between Peoria and where she lives.  I said absolutely.

A short while later, I received an email from the sister, explaining that she’s always adopted pets and while her most recent pet was a dog, she’s been wanting a cat again.

I laid all of Tybalt’s details out for her and said her home sounds like a great home for him, but I wanted her to know exactly what she was getting into before agreeing to take him.

She said he sounds perfect.

And then she asked if we’re Romeo and Juliet fans.  After years of people mispronouncing his name, and the exchange with the vet tech who didn’t know who Shakespeare even is, that?

That let me know we had found the right home for our boy.

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