We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo (Reprise)

Sunday was our last day in Zurich, so we decided to head to the zoo.  I checked their website to make sure they were open on Sundays before we left, but I didn’t do any further research.  Which is probably good, because if I had seen how expensive admission was going to be, we might not have gone!  It was 26 CHF per adult to get in, which is nearly $54.  But G was free, so that was something at least.  (G can get in free to lot more things in Switzerland and the free age is a lot higher, which is awesome.)

While we were in Switzerland, I had seen a video come across my fb feed a few times about a baby elephant falling.  Once we were at the Zurich zoo, I realized that it was the baby elephant from that zoo!  So we paid a steep admission price, but we got to “meet” a famous baby elephant, so I feel like it was totally worth it.

Actually, the Zurich zoo was huge.  Definitely too big for us to see everything in one day.  And they’re in the middle of several projects to expand and improve various enclosures, which helps allay some of my zoo-going guilt.

Anywho.  Let’s check out some pictures and commentary, shall we?

I straight-up thought this bird was a statue because it was standing so still. Then it creepily turned its head. I don’t think I like giant birds very much; too close to dinosaurs, yeah?

What a cutie little seal!  These guys were swimming all over the place while we were watching.  Andy and I enjoyed it; I don’t think G could see well enough to care.

If my IG caption is to be believed, this is a pleated gibbon.  We got to the primate house right after they had put out a bunch of ice chunks with fruit and peanuts in them, so we got to see tons of activity!  G really liked it; it was like pulling teeth to get her to leave!

G was obsessed with this orangutan and kept making faces at it to try to get it to smile.

It was baby animal central up in that zoo! I tried to get as many baby pics as I could.

Baby gorilla!

Baby pygmy hippo!

Baby human!  Oh, wait…

Baby bear!  (And a peacock trying to steal his thunder.)

We got into this part of the zoo the back way (we were rebels in Switzerland, obviously), so I have no additional detail on these guys. But I like their view of Zurich and mountains in the background.

But here’s a baby one! Seriously, baby central!


This gentleman is 44 years old, and he’s the baby daddy.

Can’t have lunch while visiting the elephants and not have an elephant cookie.  (She didn’t even ask for this.  We just bought it for her.  Spoiled.)

The star of the day!  This little guy was TOO CUTE.  I have a 10 minute video of the zookeeper speaking in German that I can’t understand any of because I just couldn’t stop shooting video of this little cutie.

Note the little hut on the left-hand side. You could buy lotto tickets for a chance to meet the elephants. They pulled out a hose and had one of the elephants blow it with his/her trunk to select the numbers.


I have no idea what kind of rodent this is supposed to be, but G was quite taken with it.  She hugged it several times, and they were long hugs.  I would say I was jealous, but that would be weird.

She said she was going to hatch this egg, but she was (sadly) unsuccessful.


G couldn’t wrap her mind around there being three clown fish.  If one was Nemo and one was Marlin, who was the third?!

Two no nap days in a row, and she still had smiles left on the tram back to the hotel?  Success!
(How crazy were we, though?  Two days with no naps, and then the long trip back home?  Clearly we’re nuts.)

After the zoo, we just headed back to the hotel.  We figured we would eat there, do some packing, give G a bath, and head to bed since Monday morning was going to start early and last forever.

A little reading before dinner and bath time. I absolutely love how much she loves to read.

Andy and I ordered burgers and we ordered pasta for G.  Pasta with a side of fries.


Good thing it was bath night.



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