Giving Zurich a Chance…

After our first day in Zurich being such a disappointment, I went into Friday with the mindset that Zurich had to prove itself to me.  I wasn’t giving it the benefit of the doubt.  If I’m going to live here, you have to show me why I should want to.

There were a couple of places we wanted to go in Zurich, but we decide the first thing we should try to do was find someplace for G to play.  After talking to the concierge, we headed to a small neighborhood playground.  It was kind of charming.  Well done, Zurich.

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The playground was adjacent to a small stream filled with ducks and swimming dogs.  I mean, really.

I also found some of the best graffiti of my life.  That exclamation point, seriously.

It was like Zurich realized it needed to make a good impression and decided to really bring it.

And everything was going really well until we decided to stop at Casa Alegria for lunch.  It’s the self-proclaimed best Mexican restaurant in town.

Now… Mexican and Tex-Mex are some of my favorite foods.  I would happily eat tacos morning, noon, and night.  I knew that we wouldn’t be able to find good Mexican in Switzerland, but I hoped we would be able to find something decent.

Our food arrived and it looked promising.  The first picture is my tacos and the second is Andy’s fajitas.

It was… not even remotely Mexican food.  The ingredients were good quality.  Everything seemed fresh.  It didn’t taste bad.  But it wasn’t Mexican.

The restaurant won G over, though.  How?  By serving her this glass of chocolate milk.  (This is something else we don’t normally let her have, but she was really upset from having to leave the playground, so we spoiled her a little.)

After nap time, we had planned on going to the Chinese Garden, but G slept too long.  So we headed back to the playground.

We went to Levante for dinner, which was a steakhouse with outdoor seating.  (G’s obsessed with sitting outside to eat whenever it’s possible.)

My best girl, Marlin, and me.

Funny faces.

This gnocchi al pesto?  So good.  (It doesn’t make up for the lack of Mexican food, mind you.  I’m going to hold that grudge against Zurich for a while.)

Andy’s steak came to the table rare.  But it had this awesome stone that was sizzling hot.  He got to cook his steak to order.  Pretty neat.

I have a video of this, but I haven't figured out how to embed non-Instagram videos yet.

Zurich did its best to win me over on Friday, and it was pretty convincing.  I wouldn’t have thought that I could enjoy a day in that city as much as I did after our first day there.  I found myself actually looking forward to Saturday, and that was quite a relief.

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