Ye Olde Toy Story

On Tuesday, I decided to take G to the Spielzeug Welten Museum, which is a toy museum.  This building is located in a pretty major intersection, and it wasn’t far from our hotel.  Because of the balloons hanging outside the windows, I had assumed that it was a shoe museum, but after reading an informational pamphlet on Monday night, I learned it was a toy museum and figured it couldn’t hurt to take G.

Not a shoe museum. Although G probably would have liked that, too.

G slept too late on Tuesday for us to take advantage of the free hotel breakfast, so we headed for the old standby: Starbucks!  Just like home, they had the PSL available.

I laughed and laughed when I saw this. Pumpkin Spice: It really is EVERYWHERE.

G and Marlin enjoyed a glass of milk and a blueberry muffin.  Such a cutie.

It’s ridiculous, honestly.

When we got to the museum, I found out they only take cash, so we went in search of an ATM.  On the way, I spotted some now-familiar graffiti.

Maybe my aunt is right, and the gang members in Basel are all mountain elves.  Who knows?!

After finding an ATM, procuring cash, and hoping that I wasn’t shutting our bank account down (because I sure hadn’t warned CEFCU that we were traveling out of the country!), we headed back to the museum.  They have kind of a lot of teddy bears.  This is just a tiny selection of the whole collection.

“Mama, what are the bears doing?” “They’re building a sand castle.” “But what are they doing WHILE they’re building a sand castle?” “…”

Beautician bears + yours truly.

On the next floor, there were more bears, but there were also a lot of cool mechanical toys.  Like this “Bimbo-Box.”  Which isn’t something I would normally like associated with my daughter, but in this case, I made an exception!

They also had an awesome toy carnival.  (I liked it more than G did; she was a bigger fan of the Bimbo-Box.)

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Toy carnival. #latergram #switzerlandprep #basel

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Most of the stuff at the museum was really cool.  The toys were arranged in scenes, and some of them had action.  Other things were just terrifying.

That nun is not OK.

This rooster-child is also not OK.  So creepy.

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Creeptastic. #latergram #switzerlandprep #basel

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After the toy museum, G and I had lunch at McDonald’s, which looks pretty much exactly like McDonald’s at home.  Isn’t your McDonald’s built into the bottom floor of a several-hundred-year-old building?  No?  (This picture is taken from another day; it is out of sequence!  I just wanted to clarify that Andy doesn’t have a Swiss doppelgänger.)

On Tuesday night, we met Andy and his coworkers for dinner.  G wanted to wear a dress for the occasion, but not before she modeled it as a long pink wig.

This is her “beautiful pigtail.” Obviously.

First stop was a bar for drinks.  G got her first kiddie cocktail.  “Oooh, is this a special treat, Mama?”  Yes, it was.  I mean, we don’t even give the kid juice on a regular basis!

Because drinks started later than they were supposed to, and everything was scheduled to start after G’s usual bedtime, we also ordered nachos at the bar.  After our nacho experience on the plane, we didn’t expect them to look like nachos at home, but they still managed to catch us off guard.  There was no cheese. (WHAT?) The chips they used were Cool Ranch Doritos (or the Swiss equivalent).  They just gave us a plate of Doritos with some guacamole (which G devoured) and some salsa.  So funny.

We went to a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner.  The lighting was dim, so I couldn’t snap any decent pictures, but G charmed everyone by showing off her German and then serenading the entire establishment with “Let It Go” (accompanied by one of Andy’s coworkers).  (I’m certain the kiddie cocktail had nothing to do with her behavior, haha.)

If it weren’t for the chilly rain that ambushed us on the way home, it would have been a nearly perfect evening.

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